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Learn To Make Money Online FREE while Blogging and using Google Adsense!

One of the easiest ways for novice webmasters to make money online with no startup costs is from web logs, commonly called blogs. This website is a very good example on how blogs can make money. Do you see the ads that are on this page? The advertising on my blog is from Google. Every time that someone visits my blog and clicks on one of my advertising links, then I get paid. Since Google is a very reputable company, you know that you will always get your paychecks with no problems.

The whole process is really simple and completely FREE. You write about a topic that interests you and post it in your blog. Then use an advertising company like Google Adsense to generate ads about the topic that you have writen about. When people get to your site and click on your advertisements, then you make money.

I use blogger.com to write all my blogs. Blogger.com is set up nicely so that even people with no wesite building knowledge can put together a page that looks neat and professional. The best part is that they also make it easy to sign up and use adsense. I also use Google Adsense because it is FREE.

Sign up for your Google Adsense account by clicking on the link in the top left.


Once you decide what topic will blog about, you need to write your content so that you can start to make money online. The best way to start writing your content is to determine what your keywords are. Your keywords are going to be the main points about your topic that you are going to base your blog writings about. You can research which keywords generate the most traffic here.

There is no specific limit on the number of keywords that you can use. However, you can have too many. When writing your blog, you will want to reuse your keywords often to help with getting your page ranked high in the search engines. I will be writing a section in the near future about optimization of your blog so that you can get it ranked in Google and other search engines.

It is important that you don’t have too little content in your blog otherwise Google Adsense will display advertisements unrelated to your blog. That is another reason that you want to make referece to your keywords often, that way your advertisements will be relevant to your site.


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